Edith Binderhofer

As contemporary historian I specialised in the Middle East history and have been linked to this region since 1984 both professionally and privately.
I have always been interested in different cultures of the world and consequently I have lived abroad, namely in Paris, Cairo, Essen and Frankfurt, for 12 years of my life.
In my professional career my function as educational and cultural manager in the Afro-Asian institute – being a truly cosmopolitan place in Vienna - has been particularly enriching.
In the field of creativity I have gained experience as autodidactic photographer, and collaborator in film documentaries. I am author of the books “The sky in my country has a different colour. Biographies. Interviews with Asian women in Vienna.” and “The hour of Solomon. European women in the Orient.”
With amani I can combine many things that are important to me and share them with others: My love for the Orient, my interest in people and their living conditions, my joy at encountering people and my passion for arts and beauty in many facets.